Cocktail Party Nibbles

Now that the nights are pulling in and sorry to say the festive season fast approaching I like to entertain more at home as venturing out in the cold and rain plays havoc with vintage shoes and a brolly just ruins the look!!

With one major exception of course will be A Marvellous Cocktail Party on 4th November at Farmer Brown’s (which if you have not yet booked your tickets for get them now as it is not an event to miss out on – for more details.)

So I will be posting some tips for entertaining at home the Blue Skies Way, the first some very easy canapes that are really simple but look really look impressive and leave you plenty of time to enjoy your party.

All of these can be made in advance and eaten cold which gives you plenty of time to get yourself ready before you guests arrive.

Roast some baby potatoes in the oven – when cooked and cooled add creme fraiche and if you are feeling indulgent lump fish caviar is pretty cheap and found in most supermarkets or use a ready made tapenade.

Buy small pastry cases – Tesco’s do a good ones and fill them cream cheese and smoked salmon and dill, ready made pate with onion relsih,  or shop bought prawn cocktail and sprinkle a little paprika,  Greek salad – feta cheese, tomato, cucumber and olives – there are lots of other pre-made spreads pates and other things that you can fill these cases with – add herb leaves or capers with stalks or sun blush tomatoes to give some style!

Cucumber slices with smoked salmon pate.

One of the favourites at my parties is a mini frittata – chop up some feta or goats cheese, with pepper, courgettes and spring onion, mix together in a bowl with 3 whisked eggs then bake in the oven – I put them into mini muffin tins so they are bite size.

Cocktail sausages baked with honey and mustard are always good – serve on a vintage plate with cocktail sticks in a shot glass so people can pick them up without getting sticky fingers.

Skewer a piece of salmon on a cocktail stick (marinate in soy, honey and lime first) then grill until the fish is cooked.

On your travels around charity shops and boot sales look out for individual vintage plates and platters that you can serve your food on.  Vintage glass wear looks great with olives or pepperdew stuffed with cream cheese piled up into them.  Use vintage teacups to serve crisps or roasted nuts – just bung a mixed bag in the over with a little chilli, fennel seeds and cumin and cook until golden brown.

Decorate the table with tealights in teacups, or vintage glasses, buy a collection of cotton  napkins or there are some great looking paper ones around.  Another idea I love to do is photocopy old magazine pages and use them instead of dollies on plates – try to find some ones with food or drink on to keep in with the theme.

Collect a selection of vintage side plates for your guest to use, hunt out vintage glasses to serve your cocktails in – it doesn’t matter they don’t match that’s the joy of it.

Have a fabulous cocktail party!!!

Cucumber iwith smoked salmon pate



Salmon and pastry cases with mozerella, tomatoes and basil.